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An overview of the EU’s Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) 

The Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) is a key framework within the European Union’s Cohesion Policy aimed at promoting regional development through targeted investment in innovation and research. The S3 leverages the unique strengths and assets of each region to drive economic growth, competitiveness, and job creation. 

At the heart of the S3 is the concept of identifying and prioritizing strategic areas for innovation and investment based on a region’s comparative advantages and potential for growth. This involves a participatory process engaging stakeholders from academia, industry, government, and civil society to develop a shared vision and strategic roadmap for regional development. 

The Smart Specialisation Platform (S3 Platform) serves as a central hub for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and peer learning among regions implementing smart specialization strategies. It provides access to tools, resources, and best practices to support regions in designing, implementing, and monitoring their S3 strategies effectively. 

Furthermore, the S3 Community of Practice (S3 CoP)facilitates collaboration and networking among S3 practitioners, policymakers, and experts from across Europe. Through workshops, seminars, and online forums, the community fosters the exchange of experiences, lessons learned, and innovative approaches to smart specialization, promoting continuous improvement and mutual learning. 

Overall, the Smart Specialisation Strategy, supported by the S3 Platform and S3 CoP, plays a crucial role in driving regional innovation, competitiveness, and sustainable development across the European Union. 

Through the S3P, the I4-GREEN project consortium will promote its actions, explore synergies, and forge and implement strategic alliances with the partners and regions participants of the S3P of mining regions and the S3P of Advanced materials for batteries. 

For more information, check the Smart Specialisation Platform website