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The I4-GREEN project is offering financial support and services to up to 15 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) that are deploying new products, processes and/or technical services in two pilot programs: Iron Holm Oak (PILOT 1) located in Extremadura, Spain,… Read More »12 SMEs FUNDED BY I4-GREEN


On the 28th of November 2023, the highly anticipated S3 Forum took place in Barcelona, organised by the European Commission with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the S3 CoP Secretariat.The S3 Forum offered stakeholders a unique opportunity… Read More »Smart Specialisation Forum 2023

Smart Specialisation Forum 2023

Recently, the i4-GREEN project held its Consortium Meeting M12 in León, Spain, during the National Mining Congress week in the city. This was a perfect opportunity to evaluate the goals achieved by the partners so far. The different work packages… Read More »I4-GREEN INTERNAL ASSESMENT


I4-GREEN Technical Open Session will take place online on the 6th September 2023, 16h30 CET, with the main objective of providing a technical briefing session for open call applicants. On this occasion, the pilot companies will share with attendants specific… Read More »I4-GREEN TECH OS


The I4-GREEN Project includes a system of cascade funding for SMEs. The open and competitive call requires SMEs-driven innovation projects to foster the inclusion of new products, processes and/or technical services for the development of innovation projects within its two… Read More »I4-GREEN OPEN CALL 


On March 16th, the European Commission unveiled a new Critical Raw Materials Act to ensure EU access to a secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials (CRM).  The legislation aims to reduce EU dependence on third countries -and enhance… Read More »EC Raw Materials Act

EC Raw Materials Act

The European Commission’s proposal on corporate due diligence intends to make mining companies with more than 250 employees and €40 million annual turnover responsible for monitoring, preventing and mitigating human rights and environmental standards along their value chain.  Despite concerns… Read More »EU DUE DILIGENCE LAW 


The 25th of November 2022 an on-line kick-off meeting took place where the I4-GREEN consortium partners, beneficiaries of Horizon Europe funding, met and presented their role within the project: the Cluster Portugal Mineral Resources (ACPMR, Coordinator), ICAMCYL Foundation, Gevora, Leonore… Read More »Welcome to i4-GREEN!

Welcome to i4-GREEN!