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The I4-GREEN Project includes a system of cascade funding for SMEs. The open and competitive call requires SMEs-driven innovation projects to foster the inclusion of new products, processes and/or technical services for the development of innovation projects within its two industrial pilots, with the objective of establishing new interregional and intersectoral value chains. 

For this purpose, a total budget of up to €448.500 will be available for funding, where up to 15 SMEs will receive up to €30.000 each to develop innovation projects within the two industrial pilots: 

Pilot 1 – IHO – Extremadura, Spain – The objective is to improve the sustainability of iron ore production and the creation of a circular mine, and to create and develop a forefront technology to recover REE from iron mining waste, while reducing environmental impact and relieving EU dependence on particularly Nd supply. 

Pilot 2 – E-LIX – Andalusia, Spain – It will be implemented for scaling up hydrometallurgical leaching of primary sulphide minerals for the sustainable recovery of essential metals for the green transition. 

For further information about the technologies to be developed, the eligibility criteria, duration, budget, etc. consult the I4-GREEN Open Call Guide for Applicants, on our website.