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Here you’ll find the tools and resources that help you to go deeper I4 GREEN Project. All documents are public and ready for dissemination so please, spread the green word!

Press Release #1

Press Release #2

Press Release #3

Press Release #4

Press Release #5 (COOMING SOON)

Press Release #6 (COOMING SOON)

D1.5       Public Progress Report M12

D1.7       Public Progress Report M24

D1.9       Final I3 / I4-GREEN Public Report

D2.1       SME and ecosystem engagement report

D2.2       Open Call Package

D2.4       SME project follow up Report

D4.5       Final public report including ecosystem extension assessment.

D5.2       Review of sustainable practices.

D5.3       SME Guide on transition support instruments.

D6.1       Mirroring Strategy.

D6.2       Pilots Action Plan & Portfolio of Investment Leads

D6.3       Report Benchmarking & clustering.

D6.4       Priority Sector Report

D6.5       Regional database of industrial stragtegic geological resources and areas for sustainable recovery of critical raw materials

D6.6       State of the arte study on mine waste valorisation technologies and Mine waste valorisation Database.

D6.7       Report on interregional mine sites.

D7.2       Communication Toolkit: Final Logo, Branded Portal (website), Social Media Pages, YouTube channel

D7.3       e-Newsletters.

D7.4       Promotional Videos.

D7.5       Press Releases

D7.6       Policy Brief

D7.7       Final Report on Communication and Dissemination